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Henrico, VA

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Food from Your Roots

Fresh, local, seasonal.


What your great- grandparents ate.

What kind of products do you grow at Taquitock Farm?

We grow nuts, berries, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables -- and new farmers! We believe everyone should have the chance to interact with the land.

When you say "sustainable", what does that mean?

We believe in a working relationship with nature, low and slow. We want our resources to come back each year and use harvests to benefit our ecosystem as well as our palates.

What's a serviceberry? Or a paw paw? Roses have hips?

If some of our products sound a little unfamiliar -- good! They're all native to central Virginia and were important foods in the days before global supply chains.

Where can I find your products?

We're developing a dedicated list of local vendors, check back for updates!

Come visit!

The farm is open to the public by appointment. Reach out to us via email at

Also find us @taquitockfarm on Instagram.

Is the farm available for events?

Yes! Our beautiful, historic farmhouse and grounds, including the orchard, are available for events with all required permits. We are also registered with the Virginia Film Office

How do you become a farmer?

Get your hands dirty. We partner with Real Roots Food Systems to train new urban farmers, focusing on women and minorities.

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